Our Process

The professionals at San Diego Resume Writing Service go the extra mile to help you in every way that we can. Our resume writing process is very simple and direct. Before we create a custom resume for you, we need a little bit of information first to ensure that you will get the most out of your new, custom resume.

Should you start working with us, here’s what happens and how we’ll be able to help you most efficiently.

    • The client pays us securely via Paypal
    • You give us your personal information, which be obtained by having you (The client) fill out our questionnaire (Which can be found on our get started page), which will give us a little background on you and what your goals are.Feel free to leave out your physical location, such as apartment or unit number, or exact address out of privacy, as you can always add that later on. A general area (Say, San Diego) is sufficient. This is your time to shine by listing your accomplishments!
    • Next, you should send us 2-3 links that are examples of jobs that you’d be interested in applying for. These can be jobs you’ve applied to in the past, or positions that you’ve yet to send your information in on. The main goal here is to develop an understanding on our end, as to which type of job or position appeals to you and tailor fit your resume around that, using buzzwords, industry language, and facts around your achievements.
    • We will, using our best insight, prepare a polished resume for you to review, along with some tips embedded in a 2nd resume to show you our changes, and the reasoning/rationale so that you may tweak your resume for future positions, or even help a friend or family member in need of a position (We are happily accepting referrals as well).Think of this as getting both a final product, plus a rough draft you can learn from.
  •  After you review your new resume, we’ll schedule a phone call with you either via Skype, gChat, or mobile device, conditions permitting. Within the phone call, we’ll go over your resume, give you some basic interview tips, pointers, and try to help you in your upcoming job interview.This is not life coaching, but a few direct pointers that are widely appealing to hiring managers that show your interest and compatibility with their organization.This is the advantage and us going the extra mile to help you obtain a new career.