About Us

mattMy name is Matt Vild and I am the principle behind San Diego Resume Writing (.com). I started writing resumes several years ago, by accident.

Being a hiring manager the last 7+ years within the advertising field gave me great hands-on experience with resumes and cover letters, and not only did I receive tons of resumes, but I was also on the “other end” of them as well, creating job descriptions and placing them on job boards, and then reviewing resumes, plus interviewing candidates face-to-face.

I noticed that the good resumes had a certain polish to them – they presented very well, and listed proper accomplishments without it being overly wordy or confusing. They were easily scanned and understood.

Several years ago, I helped out some friends who were looking for a job, and I ended up going 3 for 3! I helped them polish a resume, and they landed the interview and got the job they wanted. A friend suggested I help others, so here we are!

I also own and operate a local San Diego-based Internet Advertising Agency, called Lionwish(.com). In my spare time, I enjoy riding motocross and skiing in the winter, and spending time with friends, family, and my girlfriend, Saundra.