Custom Resume Writing Service – San Diego

We’ve all been there, finding a job is a blend of emotions – from exciting, to mundane, to frustrating, to downright awful sometimes when you struggle to hear back from hiring managers.

You may believe that your resume is sharp, polished, and ready for the hiring manager to review, but the reality is that it is most likely not.

The truth is, in down times, companies receive hundreds of resumes for positions, many of them unqualified candidates. These unimpressive resumes wear down on the company from reviewing tens of dozens of unqualified, unintelligible resumes, therefore quality resumes may only get a few moments of consideration before being discarded just due to the volume there is to review. On your resume, you only have ~5 seconds or so to make a meaningful impression and impress the organization in which you want to work for. The key is, how do you do that?

Custom Resumes Writing Services in San Diego

San Diego Resume Writing Service is different. Our starting charge for a resume is around $99 and $95 for a cover letter, plus we will discuss your goals and help guide you through the interview process, offering valuable tips and questions to ask as part of the resume package.

When you hire us, you will receive a new resume, custom to you and your skills, plus a one-on-one 15 minute phone consultation on how to excel in the interview. No gimmicks, no nonsense, just a solid, direct resume and tips on how to put your best foot forward in the meeting.

The Difference in our Resume Writing Service is in the Details

As we prepare the custom resume for you, at less than ½ the cost of other leading San Diego resume writing companies. The principles at San Diego Resume Writing have past experience in recruiting and have placed top corporate executives at some of today’s leading edge companies.

Recruiters review, adjust, and edit resumes for a living, why not take advantage of their expertise to further your chance at obtaining an interview with the company you want to work at?

We understand what hiring managers look for, and what red flags to avoid. Resumes are about selling yourself, your goals, aspirations, and minimizing weakness.

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